Ways You Can Advocate / Volunteer

behalf of the spondylitis community!

If you haven't volunteered yet, what are you waiting for? Here are just some of the easy ways you can volunteer to help make spondylitis history.


  • Educate others about spondylitis. Send them to our website where they'll find a host of information about AS and related diseases. Use Key Messages and talk about the prevalence and impact of spondylitis.

  • Distribute SAA's Emergency First Responder training video to your community's Emergency Medical Personnel and Paramedics. SAA developed a training video for emergency first responders to raise awareness about the special needs of spondylitis patients in emergency situations. Contact Robin Kindrick, by email at robin.kindrick@spondylitis.org for more information about how you can help distribute this important training video.

  • Sign up for a Local Health Fair. SAA can provide educational materials that you can distribute at local Health Fairs. Contact Elin Aslanyan, SAA's Programs Manager by email at elin.aslanyan@spondylitis.org, and she can sign you up to become a Health Fair Volunteer.

  • Deliver SAA's Educational Brochures to your rheumatologist's office so they can be distributed to patients. Contact Elin Aslanyan, SAA's Programs Manager by email at elin.aslanyan@spondylitis.org, to order brochures.

  • Help SAA make a splash in the social networking world. Like us on Facebook and share our Page with all your friends. Or, sign up to follow us on Twitter - find out what we are tweeting about!

  • Create your own video or Public Service Announcement about spondylitis. Talk about how spondylitis affects your life. Send your videos to SAA and we'll post them on our Facebook page. 

  • Provide first hand support to someone else who has spondylitis. Sign up to start a Support Group in your area.

  • Become a Research Participant. Visit our Research section to find out how you can become involved.