SAA's Commitment To Research

Since its inception, SAA has been committed to research, from funding scientific meetings to launching the first genetic research study in the United States on ankylosing spondylitis and related diseases. Our commitment remains strong, as we have recently funded a patient registry, and a study on the microbiome in spondyloarthritis, as well as an educational MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) program to help radiologists and rheumatologists work together to hasten diagnosis.

SAA receives no government funding and relies on the generous donations from individuals to create and maintain the programs and services aimed at improving the futures of the 2.7 million Americans affected by spondylitis and its family of related diseases.

How Can I Participate in Research?

If you wish to participate in a research study, please keep an eye on our news section for study/recruitment announcements, and for a more comprehensive listing. One example of a longitudinal study exploring the genetic determinants of ankylosing spondylitis severity has ongoing recruitment in Los Angeles, Bethesda, Houston, and Brisbane (Australia).

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