SAA's First Twitter Chat

By Spondylitis Association of America

Thursday, February 21, 2019

On February 12, 2019 SAA hosted our very first twitter chat, featuring our special guest speakers Kristin @kmcornelius33 - who lives with spondylitis, and Casey @CaseyJFCFL - Kristin’s husband, best friend, and biggest fan. We had a wonderful time discussing the topics of overcoming obstacles, healthy relationships, and balancing life & responsibilities while living with #spondylitis. The feedback and responses were encouraging, often funny, and always helpful. Below we share the content of our #spondychat with our community.  It is organized by question and answers. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more information on our next twitter chat, and follow SAA on Twitter @spondylitis! 

Q1: Intros! Please take a minute to say hi and introduce yourselves.

Q2: To @kmcornelius33 & everyone else living with #spondylitis: when did your journey begin? How were you diagnosed, and how long did that take?

Q3: How did you first share your diagnosis with family and friends? What was their reaction?

Q4: To @CaseyJFCFL, and anyone on the chat who is a loved one of someone with a #Chronicillness - What was your reaction to learning about the diagnosis? What did it mean to you, and how did you process it?

Q5: What advice would you give to anyone preparing to share the news of their diagnosis with family and friends? What about at work?

Q6: How does living with #spondylitis impact your most important relationships? Both positive and negative.

Q7: What have you learned about overcoming #chronicillness related relationship challenges and bridging the gap between yourself and loved ones. What advice do you have to share?

Q8: How do you balance your work, family, activities, etc. while living with #spondylitis? What have you learned that you’d share with someone newly diagnosed on the importance of finding balance and HOW to do it?

Q9: If you could give family/friends/partner some advice for how to help and support their loved one living with #Spondylitis, what would it be? What should loved ones of someone living with a #chronicIllness know?

Q10: @CaseyJFCFL What have you learned about @kmcornelius33 that you maybe wouldn't have if it weren’t for #spondylitis? Other loved ones on the chat – also please chime in about your experiences!
Q10: Option B - What have you learned about YOURSELF as a result of living with a #Chronicillness?

Q11: Okay, last question for all of our #spondylitis warriors. Self-care is important for everyone, but it’s critical when you’re battling a #chronicillness. What are some self-care go-to’s or even guilty pleasures you enjoy?

Thank you again for joining our #spondychat! We’re sending all of our #Spondylitis Warriors love this week. Goodnight everyone!


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