SAA’s Helpful Hints: Community Wisdom - Mattresses & Pillows

By Spondylitis Association of America

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Helpful Hints is a recurring feature, aimed at sharing our community’s knowledge and experiences. In this second installment, we asked our online community to share their recommendations for mattresses and pillows that have been beneficial for their chronic pain. We share a sample of responses with our thanks. We hope you find them helpful!


Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number Beds proved very popular; Memory Foam and Zero Gravity mattresses also made an appearance.

“Tempurpedic mattress with an adjustable base has been a life saver.”
~ Sandy R.
“Tempurpedic mattress is a back saver. Love mine! Still looking for the perfect pillow.”
~ Tracy C.
“I have a Tempurpedic mattress. I haven’t found the perfect pillow yet.”
~ Kristi M.
“I have the Tempurpedic but the first released model, it heats up after only a few hours, it’s not good.”
~ Chrissy V.
“Mine’s the Cloud model of the Tempurpedic. They made one after the cloud that was supposed to stay cool, but I’ve never gotten hot with mine. Before the Tempurpedic, I had a 4” foam topper and I thought it was really comfy.”
~ Kristi M.
“I use a Sleep Number because it's adjustable to my needs and has been somewhat helpful!”
~ Angi B.
“I love my Sleep Number bed on an adjustable base. I’m always tweaking the firmness and adjustment.”
~ Melissa E.
“Sleep Number bed has been a live saver.”
~ Nichole C.
“Sleep Number. It adjusts to my needs for each day.”
“Adjustable, pillow top, Sleep Number bed.”
~ Ken F.
“I always had so much pain and pressure point spots sleeping on other mattresses. I ordered a Memory Foam mattress (not just the topper, the whole mattress) and it has helped so incredible much. I got it on overstock, and it was not expensive at all. My older mattress, that had cost twice as much, was torture for me!”
~ Angie L.
"We have a Zero-Gravity bed by Beautyrest and it does seem to help take the pressure off my hips and shoulders.”
~ Jennifer S.


Preferences were more varied for pillows.

“Over the years, I have spent so much money on different pillows. Nothing has helped me like the Mediflow Original Waterbase water pillow. I love that I put the amount of water in it that is perfect for my needs. It has drastically reduced the neck pain and migraines that I would suffer daily.”
~ Regina J.
“Use a Mediflow water pillow also, will not go anyplace without it.”
~ Carole P.
“I use a pregnancy pillow and a blanket around my neck area, plus a long pillow between my knees.”
~ Kelly R.
“I use a u-shaped pregnancy pillow. It takes up half of the bed but it’s worth it!”
~ Allison M.
“Haven't found the perfect combination just yet, BUT I love my Tempurpedic pillow. It's not a hard memory foam but shaped like a normal pillow so I can still put my hand under it if I want.”
~ Brittany H.
“For my neck, I find that my medium firm down pillow works best. It can be adjusted to fit my current needs and the coolness of it feels great on my neck that tends to feel like it is generating heat all its own.”
~Tammy D.
“Pillow Vermont county store has a very flat pillow. I love it”
~ Liz M.

Mattress and Pillow Combinations:

“I know they are crazy expensive, but my Sleep Number bed and pillow are amazing. I love them!!!”
“Memory Foam is the only way I can sleep. Mattress and travel pillow.”
"Memory Foam mattress topper and pillow.”
“I have an adjustable Memory Foam bed. Also, I took a memory foam pillow and cut the foam into tiny pieces and put it back into the pillow. This way I can adjust the pillow to fit my needs.”
“Tempurpedic mattress, with a flat pillow to keep my head from being pushed forward.”
~ Ginga M.
“Temperpedic mattress and ‘My Pillow’”
~ Marie N.
“I use a Beautyrest body pillow and curl it around my back. I use it with an iComfort mattress.”
~ Paula M.
“Latex pillow, Sleep Number bed.”
~ Amie L.
“My most comfortable sleeping situation was on an IKEA latex foam mattress, with a “body pillow!”
~ Marika H.

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