SAA’s Helpful Hints: Community Wisdom – Practicing Self- Care

By Spondylitis Association of America

Monday, April 29, 2019

Helpful Hints is a recurring feature, aimed at sharing our community’s knowledge and experiences. Taking time for self-care is essential to our mental and physical well-being. In this installment, we asked our online community, “Do you practice self-care? What do you do to treat yourself?" We share a sample of responses with our thanks. We hope you find them helpful!

By doing warm water Ai Chi and Yin Yoga. Both focus on light stretching and deep breathing.
~Rick M.
I have recently started to take a Tai Chi Class twice a week. Ride the NuStep twice a week for Thirty minutes and a therapy in a warm water pool once a week.
~Lila De P.
I take mental health days off work periodically to rest or pamper myself with a pedicure or massage.
~Minionette W.
Yoga has helped me physically and mentally - good stretching to keep mobility as long as I can - and in my frustration with the limitations of my body, I can push myself and surprise myself with what this old body can do.
~Laura G.
Reading (kindle for bad arthritis days) long hot showers paper crafting petting fur babies.
Self-care hacks (jokes) for spondylitis & chronic disease: 1) Schedule a REALLY busy week. Cancel 1/2 of it on Sunday night. 2) Leave the dishes until they get moldy. Invite someone over to clean them. 3) Call out sick to all Dr.'s on appointment day. Ask for sick pay.
Pizza and ice-cream for me...but that doesn’t require a flare! Massage is very helpful, as is getting out and moving. I like walking-my dr. wants me to like swimming. And shopping. Always shopping.
I indulge in daily exercise, stretching walking, cycling, rowing, because if I don’t, I feel awful.
Long hot showers. Video games. And a nice walk with no kids in tow.
A hot shower, medicinal teas, a spa wrap, and walks in nature. Also, classical and ambient music, and frequency meditations that promote healing.
I have a scheduled massage and chiropractic time. I also participated in meditation, stretching and reading.
Love this question! I find spending time with family and friends helpful. I love my book club group. I like to run off to see a movie. go to religious service or study session. some of this is the balance issue for me. Self-care also means balancing exercise, diet, rest, etc.
It comes in many shapes and forms, but if you can't take care of yourself, how can you take care of anybody else?
Pilates and massage.
I have worked hard to combat brain fog, because I missed reading. In the last month I’ve read three books. 2 on nutrition and one for fun.
~ comeback_claudia
Going to the forest o play with my dog. Even if I can’t walk then I drive there. And I just throw the ball over and over. Being in the nature makes me feel so good. Me time is also a nap in the afternoon. A good book. And fun things on Netflix.
~ zaz_eliz

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