Twitter Chat: Conversations on Pain

By Spondylitis Association of America

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

On September 26, 2019, SAA hosted our third Twitter chat. The chat focused on living with chronic pain, in honor of Pain Awareness Month. We had two special guests: Pain Management Specialist Robb Overbaugh, MD (@OverbaughRobb), and Dawn M. Gibson (@DawnMGibson), founder of Spoonie Chat. The chat focused on managing chronic pain, talking with health care providers about pain, treatments and lifestyle modifications, and personal advocacy.

The feedback and responses were insightful and relatable. Below we share the content of our #SpondyChat with our community, organized by question and answer. Enjoy!

Note: Please email us at if you’d like to suggest discussion topics for future Twitter chats! We’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to follow SAA on Twitter @spondylitis for updates on current news and events.

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Q1: Intros! Please take a minute to say hi and introduce yourselves. Remember to use #SpondyChat.

Q2: What do people without #spondylitis or other painful conditions (loved ones, friends, colleagues, physicians) often get wrong about #chronicpain? #SpondyChat

Q3: What tips can you share for having productive conversations with health care providers about #pain and the need for pain treatment? #SpondyChat #chronicillness

Q4a: @OverbaughRobb: What are some best practices for treating #chronicpain? Where should physicians start? And what categories or types of treatments should a well-conceived treatment plan include? #SpondyChat

Q4b: To everyone living with #spondylitis: What are your experiences in working with a pain management specialist? #SpondyChat

Q5: @OverbaughRobb: What are some specific treatment modalities you find frequently help those with #spondylitis and #chronicpain? To everyone, what helps you manage and reduce your pain? #SpondyChat

Q6: @OverbaughRobb and @DawnMGibson: What can patients do if physicians don’t believe that they are in pain, or don’t take it seriously? Has anyone had a similar experience? What did you do? #SpondyChat #chronicpain

Q7: What recommendations can you share for reducing nighttime #pain and improving sleep (fighting #painsomnia)? What specific sleeping aids, products, routines or practices work best? #SpondyChat #chronicpain

Q8: How effective have you found #cannabis and its derivatives in treating #pain? (CBD, THC, marijuana, hemp, etc.) #SpondyChat

Q9: How does the stigma around #opioid use impact your experience of living with and treating your pain? @OverbaughRobb, does this impact your treatment plan decisions or options? #spondychat #chronicpain #PainAwarenessMonth

Q10: Certain foods may be linked to #inflammation. Are there any foods that seem to cause flare ups or increase your pain? Any foods that help alleviate inflammation and over time, #pain? #SpondyChat

Q11: What are some things your #pain stops you from doing? #SpondyChat #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spondylitis

Q12: OK, last question! When you’re having a pain flare, how can people best acknowledge your pain and offer support? What does effective support look like? #SpondyChat

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