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Upcoming Meeting(s)

Saturday, January 26, 2019
1:00 pm

Topic: Potluck Event

Please bring your favorite food/desserts/drinks, etc. The goal is to get to meet new members and old-and discuss AS (or related inflammatory issues), and help one another with advice, support, and some directions for areas we are struggling with.

Please RSVP to this event if you plan on attending.

Meeting Location

Lynda's Art Studio (Please email leaders Don or Victor for address details)

Lynda is an amazing art teacher, and has graciously asked for all those interested to stay behind if you would like to paint a tile following the meeting. 

Social Media

If you are in the Dallas area please join our Dallas Spondylitis Support Group Facebook page to connect with other Spondylitis folks in the area: DFW Spondy Friends

Group Leader

Don Markham
(817) 676-3164


Victor Sharma
(817) 602-0553


About Dallas' Support Group Co-Leaders

Don Markham

I was diagnosed formally with AS in 2014. After having issues with my hips, back, and knees for two decades, I had my first major flare in 2014 that lead to my ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis. Since my diagnosis I have embarked on a journey in fitness and diet to help along with my biological medication to fight the disease. I have since gone on to compete in power lifting and now body building to help raise awareness of the struggle others face with this disease. I try to advocate any chance I can. I am hoping to bring a positive attitude and motivation to the group meetings as well as spread information and awareness to other warriors fighting spondylitis.

Victor Sharma

I have been fairly active throughout my life. Playing sports in high school, working on cars, running, etc. What originally was a lower back pain due to a car accident, would later turn out to be Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). At the time, I was just diagnosed with lower back pain. Over time, I would have occasional flare ups from inflammation, which I just assumed was soreness from working out or over doing it in the yard. 

After many years of pain in different areas, I was accurately diagnosed in 2005. Throughout this time, I had seen several doctors, and had taking numerous CT scans, and MRIs. It was not until a nurse suggested that I see a Rheumatologist that I was properly diagnosed.

I am passionate about health and feel we should help others by listening to and perhaps helping them understand the disease more. My aim is to increase awareness on AS and all related complications and to help support one another, finding better ways to cope with challenges we face. Additionally, helping to support our younger members and those, recently diagnosed, to acclimate to the changes we all have to make to maintain our mobility and decrease the impact of this disease. I believe that the more knowledge and exposure we can gain and disseminate on AS, the stronger the impact we can make on finding a cure, or at least a solution to some of the areas that challenge us. Stay strong AS Warriors.

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