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Our volunteer fundraisers have been extremely inventive in creating projects that have helped benefit the spondylitis community. Some more athletic SAA members have run races and asked for pledges. Several have held very successful fundraising dinners, and one amazing teen even organized a baseball "Hit-a-Thon" derby—all on their own initiative. Hopefully their stories and these resources can inspire you to help make a difference.

For more information about Spondylitis Association volunteer fundraising, please contact Robin Kindrick at (800) 777-8189 x225.

Why Should I Fundraise for SAA?

As the largest charity organization in the United States dedicated to helping those with spondyloarthritis, SAA relies on motivated people like you to help our cause. By becoming a volunteer fundraiser, you will help our efforts in research, education and support - all with the goal of curing the disease.

Over the last 30 years, many of the major milestones in spondyloarthritis awareness, education, and research have been led by SAA.

What About Crowdfunding / Online Fundraising?

Want to make fundraising easier? Just click "FUNDRAISE For This Charity" on our Crowdrise Page and you’re off and running!

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