Where to Go for Assistance With Medical and Prescription Costs

SAA does not endorse or recommend any medications or products for spondylitis and always advises that you seek the counsel of a physician before initiating any treatment for spondylitis.

Managing the costs associated with spondyloarthritis can be stressful, and for many, a financial burden. Below is a list of assistance programs that can help with the cost of medications, co-pays, and other healthcare needs.

SAA receives no government funding and relies on the generous donations from individuals to create and maintain the programs and services aimed at improving the futures of the 2.7 million Americans affected by spondylitis.

Patient Assistance Programs for HUMIRA (Adalimumb)

HUMIRA Protection Plan


(800) 4HUMIRA

From the Site:

With the HUMIRA Co-pay Savings Card, the majority of commercially insured HUMIRA patients are eligible to pay as little as $5 a month for each HUMIRA prescription.

The AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation


(800) 222-6885

From the Site:

The AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation provides AbbVie medicines at no cost to qualified patients who are experiencing financial difficulties and who generally do not have coverage available for these products through private insurance or government funded programs.

Patient Assistance Programs for ENBREL (Etanercept)

Enbrel Support Card


(888) 4ENBREL

From the Site:

The ENBREL Support™ card provides financial support to eligible* commercially insured patients when presented to the pharmacy.

Safety Net Foundation

From the Site:

The Safety Net Foundation® is a nonprofit patient assistance program that helps qualifying uninsured patients access Amgen medicines at no cost.

Patient Assistance Programs for REMICADE (Infliximab)

Janssen CarePath for Remicade

From the Site:

Here you’ll find the financial assistance programs available for REMICADE®. We have also listed most of the eligibility requirements for each so you can narrow your focus to those that best suit your circumstances.

Patient Assistance Programs for SIMPONI (Golimumab)

Janssen CarePath for Simponi


(877) 227-3728

From the Site:

Here you’ll find the financial assistance programs available for SIMPONI®. We have also listed most of the eligibility requirements for each so you can narrow your focus to those that best suit your circumstances.

Patient Assistance Programs for CIMZIA (Certolizumab Pegol)

CIMZIA Co-Pay Savings Program


(866) 4-CIMZIA

From the Site:

Cost shouldn’t get in the way of your treatment. The good news is that CIMplicity ®b and the CIMZIA $0 Co-Pay Savings Program may be able to help.

Patient Assistance Programs for COSENTYX (Secukinumab)

Cosentyx Connect Personal Support Program



From the Site:

The COSENTYX Connect Personal Support Program offers a range of helpful resources and tools, available whenever you need them, 24/7.

Other Patient Assistance Programs and Drug Discount Cards

(May include additional discounts for biologics.)

Drug Discount Card

SAA has partnered with NeedyMeds to provide a Drug Discount Card for prescription medications. Anyone can use this card, but it cannot be combined with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Download the Drug Discount Card

Good Days

(Formerly known as Chronic Disease Fund)

From the Site:

We help patients suffering from chronic medical conditions who have limited financial means get access to the medications they need. Our program helps qualified patients pay their insurance co-pays so they can get immediate access to prescription medications that will give them relief from pain and suffering.


From the Site:

Use GoodRx’s drug price search to compare prices (just like you do for travel or electronics on other sites) for your prescription at pharmacies near you. We don’t sell the medications, we tell you where you can get the best deal on them.

HealthWell Foundation


(800) 675-8416

From the Site:

A nonprofit, charitable organization that helps individuals afford prescription medications they are taking for specific illnesses. The Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible patients to cover certain out-of-pocket healthcare costs, including: prescription drug coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles, health insurance premiums, and other selected out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Merck Helps

From the Site:

At Merck, we believe that no one should go without the medicines or vaccines they need. That is why the Company provides its medicines and adult vaccines for free or at discounts to people who do not have prescription drug or health insurance coverage and who, without our assistance, cannot afford their Merck medicine and vaccines.


From the Site:

NeedyMeds is a source of information about assistance programs that help with the cost of medicine and other healthcare expenses.

NeedyMeds also offers a searchable database of Free/Low-Lost Medical Clinics

See the Database

Patient Access Network Foundation


(866) 316-PANF

From the Site:

The Patient Access Network Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the needs of patients that cannot access the treatments they need due to out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance


(888) 4PPA-NOW

From the Site:

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance also offers a searchable database of Free/Low-Cost Clinics.

See the Database

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief


(866) 512-3861

From the Site:

PAF Co-Pay Relief (CPR) provides direct financial assistance to qualified patients, assisting them with prescription drug co-payments their insurance requires relative to their diagnosis. CPR call counselors work directly with the patient as well as with the provider of care to obtain necessary medical, insurance and income information to advance the application in an expeditious manner.

Pfizer RxPathways

From the Site:

Pfizer RxPathways is a comprehensive assistance program that provides eligible patients with a range of support services, including insurance counseling, co-pay assistance,* and access to medicines for free or at a savings.

RxAssist Patient Assistance Program Center

From the Site:

Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. RxAssist offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need. All in one place.



(877) 979-4673

From the Site:

You can apply here for Patient Assistance Programs offered by hundreds of manufacturers, as well as find information on programs offered by State and Federal government and by pharmaceutical companies.

Rx Outreach

From the Site:

Rx Outreach is a patient assistance program (PAP) for people of all ages. The program makes prescription medicines affordable for uninsured and under-insured individuals and families.

Together Rx Access


(800) 444-4106

From the Site:

The Together Rx Access™ Card was created as a public service by a group of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, in order to provide savings on prescriptions to eligible residents of the U.S. and Puerto Rico who have no prescription drug coverage.



(866) 699-8239

From the Site:

We are a comprehensive pharmacy services company with the mission to be your leading source for affordable medications. We have helped tens-of-thousands of patients just like you save hundreds on their prescription medication cost through our Patient Assistance Program.

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