The Quest Legacy Society

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following individuals who have kindly remembered SAA in their estate plans. Members of the Quest Legacy Society help ensure that SAA will continue to fund research and to provide programs to empower future generations.

Members of the Quest Legacy Society

Charles Anderson* (2014)

Morey & Lisa Anderson

Fred Andrews* (2018)

Grace Becker and the late Stephen Becker* (2014)

Jane & Harry Bruckel

Lillian Buckley* (2001)

Cecelia Bunch

Gary Cadle

Raymond & Mary Jean Cassidy* (2004)

Niel T. Constantine, Ph.D.

Means Davis, Jr.

Richard and Deanna Day

Harvey R. Derscheid

Gregory Fallowfield* (2004)

Alan Fraser* (2015)

David Fulle

Kathleen Geier* (1994)

Craig B. Gimbel Family Trust

David S. Hallegua, MD

Robert and Barbara Hasty

Phil & Eileen Hipe

Charlotte Howard

Karin & Richard Howard

Marjorie Joseph

Marvin Kallison* (2009)

Nicholas Karatsoulis* (2002)

Leslie B. Kautz

Eli Klepacz* (2017)

Colin Kraft

Jennifer Layden

Batya Bilmes Lemler

Linda Lovello

Emiliano Mazzarella* 

Brian MacKenzie

Jane & Hugh McGonagle* (2017)

Charles Mol

Barbara Murchison* (2008)

Christopher & Stephanie Oleksy

Paula J. Olsiewski

Kevin & Karen Padrick

Diann Peterson

Harold Phillippi* (2016)

Barbara & Michael Pianin

Sol Pinchuk* (2017)

Nicholas Pregibon* (2013)

Matthew J. Rathburn and William A. Schell

Nancy Regan

John D Reveille, MD

Dan Robinson* (2013)

James Rosenbaum, MD

Zoanne Sager and the late Stephan Howard Kramer*

Randall Sapadin, The Maria Coppola Foundation

Laurie M. Savage

Cassie Shafer & Darryl Williams

Rachel & Justin Shifrin

Katherine Sprouse

Shirley Symington* (2007)

Ira Thompson* (2002)

Bob & Janet Ulrich

Gregg Umek

Shirley van Leeuwen

Hilary Wilson

Darren B. Wolpert



* Remembered in perpetuity.  (year of donation).

Quest Legacy Society

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